Are you constantly trying to lose weight?

Then you need to read this!

I was inspired by JH Health and Fitness who wrote up about taking a break every once in a while. They say that you need to take a break from your gym and diet routine and just enjoy food.

Pre Covid19 I was going to the gym too much and therefore my hormones were out of wrak. I was trying to train for a marathon and learn spin cycle as well as doing weights.

These days I just enjoy being outdoors and my Body Combat at home.

Say you want to lose 20-50kgs of bodyweight. Now you know that its not going to happen overnight and some weeks your weight will plateau. If you go to the gym every single day with no breaks, you will get tired and very irritable. A 4 week small but manageable period is just what the doctor ordered. During the pandemic most of us are thinking about whether or not we should head back to the gym and do back to back workouts. I think not as the pandemic was a good time to rest and recover. I also found that I slept better as my hormones recovered.

We are always hungry whenever we try to diet. This is the biggest failure of sticking to the diet. So hence it is ok to enjoy that treat once in a while.

After the pandemic I won’t be going to the gym as often as I would like. Instead I would spend that time outdoors and just enjoy outdoors and my runs. I run for pure enjoyment not competition.

You should try and accept your body for the way it is and find one good thing that there is to like about yourself rather than trying to lose all that weight. You would lose some of that weight by incorporating some more rest days and eating the right foods.

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