The riots in US and racism

Over the past weeks we heard about the the riots in the US that talk about #blacklivesmatter! It started when a police officer kneeled on a black guy called George Floyd. He kneeled on him so hard that he died.

From then onwards people were outraged and that’s how the riots started. Day and night in Minneapolis these riots are out of control. In Australia and New Zealand the protests have been peaceful. But they attracted over 5000 people everywhere you turn. The Aboriginals have been discriminated against by the white people in Australia. This week we learned that an Aboriginal woman was thrown out of hospital and was lying on the ground.

Is that ok? NO

What we can learn?

We can learn to treat people, especially those with a different skin colour with respect. Everywhere around the world people are talking about the George Floyd incident. We will never forget him. He used to work for the Salvation Army

On Facebook racist and bigotry comments is not tolerated in any of the groups that I’m in. Out on the streets we can be educated in racism and that’s its never ok.

So far on Instagram and my blog I have been sharing the #blacklivesmatter message. Whether people believe it or not its up to them

Racism- its stops with me!

This is so true. We all have a part to play in keeping everyone safe and free from Racism. What is racism? Its defined as being prejuidiced and discriminatory against people of different skin colour.

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