How to incorporate a healthy diet during Covid

Most of you will be in lockdown right now (or part lockdown) which means staying at home and not doing a lot of exercise. Where I live I can still do exercise outside.

Your daily intake of food should be around 1800-1900 calories each day. Make sure that you get in your 30-35 servings of vegetables a week and about 14-21 servings of fruit during the week. Add in your lean proteins and carbs and you’re good to go.

Ideally this should be five meals a day. This should be two snacks and three meals in a day.

Plate sizes- how big should my portion be?

For ladies- no bigger than one palm for meat and grains and no bigger than half the plate full of vegetables. Your fats should be one thumb size

For males- no bigger than two palms for carbs and two of meat (but if you’re trying to lose weight, just go for one) and half your plate should be full of vegetables. Your fats should be one thumb size.


Its best to avoid added sugar at all costs if you can. Added sugar just adds fat to your waistline. Eat too much of it and you’ll feel the effects of sugar such as tooth decay and weight gain. Not to mention insomnia. Eating fruits is ok as they are natural sugars and they are good for you


Its important to stay hydrated throughout the day. I would go for 3-4L of water which can include herbal tea. If you don’t like plain water why not add a bit of fruit to it? Or you could drink it with apple cider vinegar.

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