Cooking with Montague apples

Montague Apples have been around for a number of years now. During the Autumn and Winter seasons apples are quite cheap as they are in season. You can buy them from your local green groccer and independant stores such as IGA. During the Coronavirus times these businesses need your money to survive.

Here you can make apple pie which is what I love during winter. We used this recipe (the recipe is from Cooking with Tovia who is on Youtube) which they used Macintosh apples instead of Montague apples. But you can use Montauge apples for this (or apples of any sort)!

We usually buy store bought crust as we don’t have time to make our own.

Do enjoy Apple pie as a dessert or as an afternoon tea. The ones that are store bought can be too sweet so do try and make your own with Montague apples.

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