Kensington Community Neighbourhood house

I first found out about the Community house through Facebook on the Ascot Vale Little Free panty group. So I went to check it out on one of my runs.

Its just behind the school on Epsom Road in Kensington and here they are in a lovely brick house which is like one of those old cottages. The house was established in 1975. Here people look out for each other and many donations have been received. Here there was lots of canned food and lollies and snacks.

They offer free cooking classes online now that people are isolating in their homes. Just recently they offered free signing of documents during certain times.

They do have a Facebook page where people can connect with each other through chat and other things. We need it during this time where we are the most loneliest. They too have a free pantry in which you can donate items or access it if you need. And they have been cooking meals for the needy.

Do volunteer for them if you can.

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