Obesity and Coronavirus

I read on an article by JPS Health and Fitness and they are saying that Obesity and Coronavirus are together. We wanted to see if that was true. It turns out that Medical News today has said the same thing.

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Because COVID19 is a respiratory disease people with obesity are more likely to get it. The New York Times supports this argument. In the US about 1890083 people have the virus and its not just the elderly that are getting it. People with very weakened immune systems might also get it . People with obesity are at very high risk of getting certain diseases. The Guardian says that the higher your BMI is, the higher the risk of you catching Covid19. People with diabetes and heart disease are at higher risk of getting Covid19.

How we can protect ourselves from COVID19 other than washing your hands and doing all that stuff?

During the lockdown we should

Exercise- we need about 150-300 minutes of exercise a day. Exercise is what keeps us happy and keeps our immune system strong. This is why we would like the gyms open as soon as possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Then if they do open people can exercise and socialise. The older people can get some guidance from a personal trainer who specialises in elderly people

Have a good balanced diet that is full of fruit, vegetables, some protein, carbs and fats everyday. We need to eat about 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables. Most of the US population eats very little fruits and vegetables

Drink enough water to help flush out the toxins in your body.

Get a good night’s sleep. Without that we cannot function well.


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