Staying positive during Covid times

As people it is imperative to stay positive during times of need. We are used to being social beings so when the Covid came it was hard to self isolate. Most people hav has lost their jobs (due to shutdowns) or is grieving for someone. We are all in this together and we’ll come out at the other end feeling a whole range of emotions. But you need to stay positive during Covid19.

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And here’s how. I know our gyms are not opened at the moment.

The beach might be a good place to go. Here you can relax and not think about the Covid19. Also running or walking in the park is another idea.

Staying connected to your friends and family online is vital. Staying connected to your work team is important. You could do a zoom meeting or talk to Facebook. Or you can connect via Instagram. Check in on them and see how they are going. Compliment someone online. I’m sure they’d appreciate that, whether its a friend or a fellow stranger in one of your groups.

Make sure that you sleep properly every night. I know that this is an odd time, but it will pass.

Practice daily gratitude. Think of three things that you are thankful for each day. Maybe write them down if you can. This month and last month I have been journaling most days to chanel my inner work thoughts.

Volunteer- even though you may not be physically there, you can volunteer online. Many charities have cook offs and it feels good helping somebody. If you can on one of your weekly shops why not buy extra and donate it to a foodbank!


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