Bad mood and productivity

I got the idea from When Women Inspire. At times just like everyone else I get so overwhelmed with tasks and family life. Right now during Covid19 there is so much uncertainty around life, fitness, work and everything else.

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In a dream scenario everything goes to plan. You would get everything done on time and without hitches. But in real life it does not happen. Things change and they don’t always go to plan. Which is why people are in a bad mood sometimes. But its how you handle that bad mood and your productivity. For some people it goes out the window.

I don’t let bad mood get the better of me as that’s so unprofessional. But its ok if you’re not feeling ok.

Here are some ways that I found useful with dealing with bad mood

Divide tasks up into smaller tasks. Thus this will help you handle your procrastination.

Have some structure in your day. When you wake up in the morning get yourself organised for the day. Outline what you will do each working hour and have some breaks in between.

Reward yourself every time you complete a big task or a project

That could be going out for a meal or just enjoying a wine or two. Or it could be going shopping. Whatever things you like to do in your downtime.

Focus on the task and block out anything that is happening around you

As Nike’s motto is, “just do it”, you should just focus on the task at hand. And if anyone is giving you grief in the family you can just ignore them whilst you get the task done. Just tell them you’ll get back to them later. Just learn to say no to them.

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