Exercise Right Week

This week is Exercise Right Week and its more important than ever before due to the Covid19. Mental health is going through the roof. Everyone should be doing some form of exercise to protect their immune system.


Today I went for a walk and did Body Combat which was awesome. It was a really nice sunny day for it and I enjoyed the sunshine.

Body Combat was good. It went for 45 minutes in my own living room.


Today I went for a run and did really well in Body Combat. Some days I do well and some days I don’t do so well.


I did a really good short run and got my heart pumping. The older you get the more exercise you should do


Today I went for a walk in the city and it relieved me of some of the stress of coming back and not knowing what has changed. Nothing much has changed except there is a lot less people. And a lot more hand sanitizing.

Did Body Combat and was a little bit uncoordinated


I did Body Combat and running but I felt good. It took a while to warm up and I really didn’t want to go, but I just did it anyway.


Went for another run and felt good. I love running in the sunshine. Today I visited North Essendon Village and it was awesome, albeit a bit quiet.


I went for a walk in the sunshine and I also did Body Combat. I also did the last of my push ups for the Push up challenge.


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