We all have anxiety in some point of our lives. Some people have it more than others. I for one am lucky not to have a lot of anxiety. But my anxiety comes around Christmas times and times of celebrations. That is normal.

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But for some like my friend Kristian he has social and gym anxiety disorder which prevents him from losing weight. In the Covid period he has been staying at home and has felt a bit bored

But during the Covid times people have been anxious about what is going on in the world with all the riots and people dying. There are some people that feel anxious about everything in their lives whether it is covid or not.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the worry and stress that one feels from some event that has happened to them in the past. It is usually all in the head. In the end it will be all ok.

Here are some ways to cope post Covid19

  1. Find some time for just self care. That could be watching your favourite Youtube video or doing a crosstitch. Or another craft.
  2. Dedicate time for listening to the bad news and keep it at that. If you listen to it all day, I find that it will only make your anxiety worse
  3. Exercise outside- don’t be stuck indoors all day. Seeing green and nature relaxes you.
  4. Now that the cafes and restaurants are open why not try and support a small business? They are feeling just as much stress as you
  5. Support your favourite charities, whether that would be giving them time or money.
  6. Eat a healthy diet which has a range of nutrient dense food.

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