Body Combat at Home

Ever since the lockdown has started I have given Body Combat a go at home. It is fun and fast and don’t expect to get the steps and moves right away. It will take a few lessons to get it right and when you do it’s all touch and go.

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What is Body Combat?

Body Combat is a Muay Thai style of exercise. They do upper and lower body workouts. The workouts last anywhere between 20-55 mins. If you are new to the workouts you could start off by doing 20 mins and then build from there.

It burns calories.

The instructors are super friendly and helpful. They explain all the moves to you and there are always new moves to learn. At first I was a bit uncoordinated but after awhile you get the hang of it. The punches are always fun to do. The kicks took me a while to get but once I got them it was all fine.

It’s a pity that my gym doesn’t offer it in Melbourne but the class is offered in Brisbane and other places around Australia. If not you can try Body Combat on Les Mills on Demand!


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  1. Nice. I love Les Mills online. It’s the closest to my regular gym classes that I’ve been able to do at home during quarantine. That said, my Apple Watch tells me that I average losing 150 calories LESS at home than at the gym while using the exact same routines. Apparently, we need people for motivation!

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