Three ways to spread kindness online

This is an ad supported by the Red Shield Appeal

I was inspired by Creative Impact Co to write about spreading kindness online. During the Covid season millions of people have lost their jobs and charities are stretched to the brink with needy people.

So here are three ways to spread kindness

  1. Compliment someone. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. It could just make their day.
  2. Spread awareness about your favourite small business and show your support. I have been doing this on Instagram. There is a sticker called Support Small Small business and there you put the name of small business in your story.
  3. Support your favourite charity if you can whether that would be sharing their posts or supporting them financially. For me that would be the Red Shield Appeal and you can donate to the Salvos. Another favourite one is the Ascot Vale Little Pantry. They are doing it tough at the moment. Many charities also have some form of cooking competition where you can enter and people donate money to the charity.

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