This article is mainly for the people that work at home. Many office workers are working from home and have no idea how to manage their time and tasks wisely.

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Everyone goes through that stage. And for me during the Covid phase it was easier for me to keep playing games rather than study. It’s because I’m in the comfort of my own home and there is no one to push me around.

Before the Covid hit hard I was doing too much and mentally it did exhaust me. I couldn’t sleep so well at night and went to the toilet too many times.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is defined as putting off tasks that you hate but have to do until you can no longer put them off.

There are four types

  1. The perfectionist one- these people want the best and they want to achieve the best
  2. The anxious type- this type of person is usually bad at managing their time and is just anxious about starting that task.
  3. The fun type- this person would do anything rather than the dreaded task
  4. The plenty of time type who thinks that they have plenty of time to do something when they don’t

How to overcome procrastination

Prioritize your work at the start of the day. Find out what needs to be done first and which things are important. Most work has a due date so make sure that when you work from home you schedule in that time and you stick to those time blocks. Make sure that there are no distractions during that time. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks in the day and time for exercise.

During those time blocks don’t go on Facebook or Instagram (or Youtube) unless the job requires it. Leave those fun activities for later. Do the work first and then put in fun activities at the end if you have time.

Break a big task into smaller ones and that way you won’t be so overwhelmed.

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