Why having a balanced lifestyle is important

I got the idea from KIHT Collective who says that we should not be counting calories but macros. In this day and age we should not be obsessed over weight. And we should not be obsessed about going to the gym all the time. Its ok to miss a few sessions and work at your own pace

Macros are just equally as important and its what your body needs. Like you need to have enough fiber and proteins and carbs as well as fats for your body to function well. Everybody is different, no two people are the same.

When it comes to exercise do something that you like, not because you have to. Don’t feel like you have to go to gym all the time just to lose weight. You should want to go there because it is your happy place. But if you don’t like the gym you could just take a walk along the beach or do a leisurely ride. Or you could do an outdoor bootcamp if you enjoy being around people and outdoors.

People that sell those diet products online with no science qualification, I just want punch them in the face sometimes.

How to create balance with food

  • 80% of your food should be nutritious and the 20% of it should be a treat. And then that way it would make mealtimes more enjoyable.
  • We like simple whole foods. Simple whole foods makes us happy.
  • IN our cupboard we have beans, rice, canned tomatoes, tuna and the like and no processed foods. Occasionally my flatmate will buy some.
  • Just enjoy food- eating shouldn’t be a chore. Do what makes you happy. You don’t have to go on a superfood trend just because everyone is online.

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