Chinese hotpot

The Chinese love their hotpot and everywhere around the world there are some restrictions about going out due to the Coronavirus so I thought I’d talk about it here.

Image courtesy of r/food on Reddit

You can easily make this yourself with you and a few friends. All you need is a few ingredients such as some meats, tofu, Chinese vegetables, fishballs, beefballs, seafood, rice vermicelli, noodles and rice. Outside in the Chinese restaurants it costs $30-$40 per person. But you can get all this at the markets for about $40 for four people.

This dish would go down well during Winter. Right now it is nearly Winter in Melbourne. During lockdown if you live with four people you can bond well over a Chinese hotpot cooked at the table. You would need a huge pot and electric stove, four bowls of rice, wooden chopsticks for cooking the food, small bowls of soy sauce, chopsticks and a small plate to put food on.

This recipe is by Yunzhu Hu and we use this recipe instead there is no spicy soup base as the flatmates don’t like a lot of spice.

You can have a lot of fun doing this dish and bonding together as a group at home.

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