Soup for Vinnie’s soup van

Vinnies (St Vincent De Paul Society) is a charity and they operate op shops as well as free food for those that cannot afford it.

Vinnie’s soup vans have been around for a while and they have been serving the Fitzroy and Collingwood areas. They are a charity that feeds the homeless and every winter is where the charities are tested. During the Covid19 the homeless have been hit hard. This is where your donations come in

This year the Vinnies soup challenge is all online. You make a soup and you post a picture of your soup online with the hashtag: takestock and you tag Vinnies in your post. And hopefully people will donate online to the soup challenge

This time we would do pumpkin soup as this is my favourite soup during winter. During winter I enjoy it with some sour cream and chives from our garden. A piece of souradough bread top the lot. At the market they use the big bread and they put a big round hole in there and they fill it with soup. It is fun to eat like that and I wish that Vinnies could do that. It would save some of the plastic and the homeless would enjoy a good meal. Vinnies would not need to use the plastic bowls if they just used the big bread rolls and put the soup in there.

Video courtesy of BronfmanCenter

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