Julia and Julie

I really wanted to write about this movie as we are living in Coronavirus times in our own little bubble and we see the same people day in day out.

Julie and Julia is a movie about food. It is based on a true story involving two women and their love for cooking and food. There are ups and downs in their lives as the women learn to cook well. This is a feel good movie. Directed by Nora Ephron and starring Amy Adams and Merryl Streep this movie is a feel good one.

Julie and Julia is a food loving movie. Here you’ll see all the food porn and see that French cooking is really simple and it could be amazing

Julie cooks all of Julia’s recipes within a year and writes a sucessful blog about food and how her relationship with Julia has deepened. She imagines Julia being in her kitchen with her. Julie has a mundane job of being a office worker and she lives in a tiny Queens apartment with her husband.

Later on Julie’s blog becomes popular and she gets an interview with a popular editor.

Julia lived in France for quite some time. Julia is also an American who went to Le Condon Bleu cooking school and cooked in the professionals class. Like Julie she had some major hurdles to contend with. Like Julie she lives with her husband Paul. And together they enjoy food and love each others company.

Food is the way to someone’s heart and its ok to love yourself for who you are not what you look like. You should have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. In today’s world its a pity that people don’t have such a healthy relationship with food. People always talk about diet and I hate that because people are missing out lots of memories with food.

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