Slurpee and why it is bad for you

We talk about the 7/11 slurpee and why its not good for you.

I used to buy one slurpee a week. In coronavirus isolation, I rethought the slurpee thing.

It is too sweet and it tastes like Wiz Fizz. For $2.60 I got a cup of nothingness but sugar. You go in, get your cup and then fill it up yourself with whatever flavour you want. The regular sized cups are $1. And then you take your cup to the counter to pay. They also do MYKI’s and other things. There is usually one or two people there.

For the average joe that would be $18.20 a week or put simply $946.40 a year if they were to buy this every day. Some people do.

The 7-11 workers are paid very badly too. Here they are paid about $8-10 per hour and many of them are students. Last year there was a huge news report about this scam.

But as runners it is ok for that energy boost. And now 7/11 has the sugar free slurpee which I often get when I’m there. I usually buy a small cup once a week and then I’m happy. You often get a brain freeze on your first sip.

Too much sugar is bad for your teeth not to mention your waistline. With most of the slurpees they usually have some sort of artificial flavouring in there.

But if you were to have a slurpee go for the sugar free ones. And just have it once in a blue moon.

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