Sausage fest and the Bratwurst shop

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This was an old event so it might happen now due to Covid19

The inaugural Sausage festival was on and it’s on every year at Prahran Market. Here we got to taste and vote on the best sausage by the best trader of which there are a few. This is held in time for Australia day where we love our snags. The tasting and the voting for the different sausages was fun.

I wanted a snack so I went to the new Bratwurst store to try one for $7 and $1 extra for toppings. This was a pork sausage and the skin was quite hard. Here this was not cooked long enough but I did like the bread and the toppings of Sauerkraut and Onion. Sorry guys I prefer Queen Victoria market’s one anyday.

I also went to El Alamo for their dessert empanda ($5) and this was an apple one which tasted a lot like Apple pie, except it was smaller and has less calories than apple pie.

If there is a sausage festival anytime soon, do pop by it. Although post Covid times there may not be one until a few years later.

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