How Gardening can help relieve Covid 19 stress

During the Covid19 some people stressed about how they looked like without the gyms. Here is one way to destress: Gardening.

Mind Body Green wrote about this issue saying that seeing greenery can help with body positivity. Having access to nature is vital for our mental health and wellbeing.

During times in lockdown I have been lucky to have lots of green space and have been lucky to help with the weeding. Some people might live in apartments and for them a indoor plant or two would be enough to surfice. Having access to nature is vital for our health and wellbeing. When you are in nature you tend to not think about what you look like body wise.

During the times of Covid19 many people have lost their jobs and some people have had to look after loved ones and can’t tend to their own gardens. For those that have lost their jobs but don’t have anyone, why not offer to look after people’s gardens? You could do it for a tiny price of $20-$40 per garden per hour.

When I’m weeding I’m not thinking about anything. It is physical work that is good for the mind and the body. You bend down and pick up the weeds. Once you have finished the weeding; your garden looks nice and clean. And you feel a lot happier.

Guys a little goes a long way and during the pandemic the garden is the best way to destress.

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