Weight loss: Fat loss vs Muscle

Most people at the gym want to lose weight fast. They often ask ” What is the best way to lose weight fast?” There is no way to lose weight fast, you should just accept yourself for who you are.

We searched on Bing this term: “diets for quick weight loss.” And then it came up with diets for women or for men. We searched “diets for quick weight loss for women” and it came up with 1290,000 results. Diets for quick weight loss for men came up with 12,900,000 results. Most of these sell diet products. In the search there was a 1200 calorie diet menu. Seriously who can live on that? For women we need about 1500 calories in a day.

Fat loss vs muscle loss

Fat loss is where you lose the fat around your stomach and muscle loss is where you lose some muscle from not eating the right foods and doing the muscle strength activities twice a week. When you put more muscle on you can lose some of the tummy fat.

If you lose muscle you might not be as strong and that’s a bad thing. You will not be able to do much. For us runners we need muscle and flexibility for us to do well. And with muscle we burn more calories even if we are not doing anything. But this isn’t an excuse to eat more as you’ll just put on fat mass, especially if you are not eating the right foods.

What sort of foods should I eat for fat loss?

  • Protein- do eat things like lean meats, seafood, tofu and fish
  • Chilli- if you like spicy foods
  • Beans and legumes
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Green tea
  • Calcium such as low fat cheese and milk for bone strength.
  • Some carbs such as rice and a little bit of pasta.

Do you really need apps like myfitnesspal?

There are some people that are obsessed about these webpages and apps. You don’t really need it unless you are counting macros and protein. And staying away from added sugar.

Oh and ditch those scales. You be better off seeing if your clothes fit rather than jumping on those scales to track your weight.

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