How to overcome limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs in our lives. These are the things that stop you from living your life to the fullest or losing the weight that you were supposed to.

But what if you can overcome these beliefs? If you want to do this and live life to the fullest then here’s how.

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Identify the issue that you want to work on- think of something small and specific that you can work on. But leave some room for disappointment as the world always changes. Or otherwise you can get overwhelmed. Eg. we would like to have more fun together or spend more time together. Word it relative to yourself. Eg: I would like to have better communication with my partner or my parents.

Fear- that is the limiting beliefs. Beliefs are our perceptions of reality. Eg. My boyfriend makes me feel scared. We have experiences that attach to the belief. I don’t know how to communicate effectively with my partner. Or I can’t go to the gym in fear that they will laugh at me. Do write down the limiting beliefs and talk about the event that caused the belief. Then work out which ones are the most important to your goal and look back to this as a mature person.

Then start to overcome them. Revisit these fears with fresh eyes and just do them. You’ll see that things are different. Like for example, I hate mowing the lawn because I always get blisters and my housemate yells at me for not finishing. Today however I wore gloves and found it to be much more comfortable and finished in record time with no arguments. I just got on with the job.

You’ll find that with time and practice things will get better and they will not be a fear anymore. They will be a success.

So what are you afraid of? So who is ready for change?

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