Our blog stats for April

As April was the height of the coronavirus, there wasn’t as much activity on the blog compared to March where there were nearly 300 views. It is Autumn in Melbourne but not many people ventured out due to coronavirus restrictions. Moreso many people were super bored at home.

Most of the views were from the US which had the highest death rate. India was next as they too had just started the pandemic. The busiest day and time was Saturday.

April was a rather depressing month where the rates of depression increased and the numbers of calls made to Lifeline doubled. As a result there were only a couple of new followers.

As people got bored we got about 15 new followers on Instagram. Many people liked our pictures and some even responded to our posts. Our breakfast bowl with Chia got 7 likes, followed by the new runners which got 6 likes. Free pho got 5 likes. Our run in the city also got 5 likes as well as the one at Middle Child. Our Les mills body combat video got 19 views. Our RPM one got 23 views.

The video with Scomo got 49 views. It was the one where he considered places of worship a workplace. People wanted to know about the lockdowns.

April was national Autism month so the Tilly.the.bug running photo got 11 likes. My run around Ascot Vale got 9 likes. Everybody is into the running and Les Mills bug since the gyms are closed. The one about 51.4kg weight got 10 likes as people are obsessed with weight.

Lets hope that with this month we get more views and likes as people are in lockdown and are looking for happiness and recipes. And low cost living.

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