How to exercise indoors during a lockdown

During Coronavirus lockdown people have been forced to exercise inside their house or in the park. In Australia we are lucky that formal lockdown was for about six weeks. In other parts of the world it is still going.

We are lucky to be able to walk and run in the park here in Melbourne, Australia. But at times the park has been very busy with a whole lot of activity going on during a sunny day.

The gym has been closed for some time and they gave all their members free workouts at home. They also let members rent out the Body Pump equipment for $250 bond and $15 a week which for some is exy. Also people have been using the free Les Mills workouts online. I have a subscription so I can access more. I have been learning Body Attack and Combat which are awesome but sometimes can be intense. And I can make the mistakes at home. In the gym I would be very embarrassed to do so.

If you have a skipping rope you could skip in your garden. You could do ten jump ropes and then build from there.

You can also do push ups on the wall or on the ground. If you are a beginner you could start with just five push ups and then build from there.

If you have dumbbells you can do some weights. Even if you don’t have dumbbells, big heavy cans or bottles of water or milk are ok.

We can’t wait until the day that the gyms are open again. But it may be for some time depending on where you live. In London it is said that the gyms will open in Autumn. But in Australia it might not be until sometime later in May.

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