Exercise and Immunity

The COVID19 Pandemic along with ASCM influenced me to write the article, especially as we are going into old age (almost old age, middle age more like it). The COVID19 Pandemic is known to get to everyone but the elderly and the middle aged people with chronic disease are more vulnerable. Medical News Today says that being sedentary is a public health issue and not many people are meeting the requirements for exercise.

According to the American College of Sports medicine, exercise plays a role in immunity. By that they are saying that the immune system will be stronger and more able to handle disease such as Covid. During the lockdown in Australia we are allowed outside, hence I have been running a lot. Thus, this brings me happiness and less stress which is important for our wellbeing.

The more stressed we are, the more we are susceptible to the disease. This is why I also say that the disabled and obese are more vulnerable to catch the disease. In the UK alone there were about 32000 deaths so far. The UK diet is quite poor as they love their puddings and fatty foods. Also most people in the UK are sedentary. Therefore it is quite a burden on the hospitals and healthcare costs.

Hence this is why we would love the gyms to be open on May 11th and for people to return as well as for people to go running. We should do about 150-300 mins of vigorous activity a week as well as two strength sessions to get the full effect.

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