China’s relationship with Australia

This is post Covid19 and during Covid19.

China’s relationship with Australia has been a good one pre Covid19. But once Covid19 started it all went downhill from there. Australia relies on China for trade and university students

There are more racial tensions and many people have avoided Chinese restaurants and eateries due to their “preconception that these restaurants and eateries would give them Covid19” In fact, during the pandemic, we went out to a few Chinese restaurants and they are all not that bad.

What would happen from here?

Australia like the rest of the world is looking for answers from China as to how it all started. We know that it started from Wuhan late last year and then it escalated early this year. But did it start from the wet markets or somewhere else? We don’t know.

We think that most Australians would look to buy Australian made products and the economy would drop. Most of the products we buy before Covid19 are all made from China.

As for the universities they would lose billions of dollars in fees due to no new International students. Already we are seeing this.

There would be a lot more racism and discrimination that would not have occurred if we lived normal lives. We hear of people bashing the Chinese and vandalizing their property.

What should we do?

Do continue to dine out at Chinese restaurants and eateries (the ones that you know of). It is racist and discriminatory not to dine at these restaurants. We deserve to earn money just like everyone else and be treated in the same way.

Don’t be racist. In fact, just be nice to everyone and one day we’ll all get back to normal again.

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