Working from home- how we all lived and survived

This month and last month like many others I had to work from home. It was hard to adjust as we had to deal with family members wanting to interrupt and change things around. We also had to deal with the fallout of the gym and people’s mental health. People went crazy and they still are during this time.

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I watched a video from Bethan Taylor-Swaine about working at home with your employees. I don’t have anyone but for people that did it would be hard to trust them. But the key thing is communication and learning to get the job done effectively as a team. I watched Undercover Boss to see how people lead their teams and how they communicated with them to find out about the failures of the business and how they can improve this. In one of the episodes they gave away free chicken and surveys and so that got me thinking to do some surveys about some of the businesses that I know. Its scary to think that many of the businesses might have failed in the few months before the Covid19.

During the lockdown I had taken on many more hours to try and help people deal with their mental health. I also took time out for just me. People had lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. So I had to try and find some cheaper ways of doing things that would not break the budget or encourage people to break the rules.

But what about the resources?

We had the resources and some people might not have been lucky. We have a desk and a space to work. And for the most part we have a loving and supportive family.

Like most people there was the frustration and tears that went on.

So where to from here?

From here we understand that taking surveys helps the businesses to improve their ways of dealing with customers and in the long run will help them to earn more money. I remember Boston Market on Undercover boss and how the CEO interacted with people. She was warm and friendly and we hope that the CEO’s of the major businesses will be much kinder to people rather than taking their money.

Well after restrictions have lifted it might be work at home for a few days a week and see how we go from there.

Hopefully next year Fitness Australia would have a category just for us health and fitness bloggers as we did a lot and we strive to do more for people as we all get out of the lockdown situation and start the economy.

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