Live below the Line Challenge

We wanted to do this Live below the Line challenge this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the fact that most people have lost their jobs. The foodbanks are pretty darn busy and are trying to ask for your support during these trying times. As health bloggers we don’t just deal with weight loss but we also deal with social inequities such as homelessness and alcohol abuse.

The average Australian household spends over $250 a week in groceries. Hopefully when you do the challenge you’ll think twice about where your money is going and how you’re spending your money.

Live Below the Line is about living on $2 a day five days a week. You also raise funds for the Oaktree foundation whilst doing it (that is by people donating to your page). You register and then you create your page. The money goes to Oaktree Foundation which empowers young people to help end poverty. We did our research and had a look at people’s accounts on Instagram to get some inspiration. And yes your tea and coffee counts towards your daily costs. People have bought lots of fruit and vegetables that were discounted. You have to factor in the costs of the free fruit and vegetables and other free food that you get.

I probably won’t do it because the nutrition that us runners need but I will post some recipes here and some ideas to get you started at home.

You can take the challenge in May at anytime. Even though its not officially a challenge I would hope that you will take part in it this month.

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