Healthy food swaps during the Coronavirus

Want to not put on weight during the Coronavirus? During the Coronavirus people have put on some weight and now Turkey, the US and other countries are going through the pandemic. Australia might have gotten over the worst of pandemic.

In many parts of the world, gyms have closed and outdoor exercise is limited.

So here are some healthy swaps to get you through the pandemic and the lockdowns.

I would swap sugary snacks for fruit and savoury snacks. Sugary snacks have empty calories in them. I would have tuna or eggs or cheese.

I would swap fried seafood for grilled or boiled seafood.

I would swap the fries for a baked potato.

I would have more protein rather than high fat foods. I would substitute takeaways for home cooked meals (that’s if you eat takeaway all the time).

I would swap a few meat meals for some vegetarian ones in the week. Vegetarian meals taste good and they have fewer calories than meat meals.

But if you love meat, I would swap fried meat for grilled, baked or steam meats. I would swap ham for chicken in sandwiches. Or better yet just do a salad with tuna.

Alcohol has a lot of empty calories and is known to cause some mental health problems in people. A little bit is ok, but if you are a heavy drinker you can go for the non alcoholic wines and beers. They have the same taste but no alcohol. And they have a lot less calories.

If you want to live healthy and want to lose some weight these are some good food swaps to try.

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