Virtual Running

This year due to Covid19 many of the major races are now doing it virtual which means that it is online. There are no mass gatherings allowed.

What is virtual running?

You sign up for a race online and you do it on the day from wherever you are in the world. And then you post your time and wella, the medal is sent in the mail. Like normal races you have to finish it within the time limit to be allowed to get your medal.

It normally costs a fee to run the race and sometimes its free. Its a whole lot of fun to enter. You take lots of photos of the track that you ran. You have to keep to your Government’s rules for social distancing and the laws about where you can run or otherwise you can be fined for this.

Problems with it?

One of it is cheating. Because you are doing it by yourself it means that you could make up the time on your Garmin/Strava. The organisers would not know unless you tell them.

But with the pandemic sticking around for a while it looks like its here to stay.

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