Healthy fats and oils- how much should we eating

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This is the question that I get asked a lot. This topic is brought to you by Dietician Connection. Our Australian dietary guidelines are a bit out of date. The Australian olive oil industry is lobbying the government for the health star rating to appear on their extra virgin olive oil. People don’t know the difference between the oils. Extra virgin olive oil contains 73% of unsaturated fat. Olive oil among with other fats like fish are good for heart health and can reduce the risks for cardiovascular disease. Olive oil reduces the amount of oxidation of bad cholesterol that we have in our system. America is known for their fatty lifestyles.

The dietary guidelines don’t allow for the amount of olive oil for people to have to get the health benefit. Nuts is also a conflicting food.

A tablespoon of olive oil is good for heart health. It helps to lower blood pressure. We should consume this about 3-4 times a week. You can add olive oil to salad dressings, in pasta dishes, some fish dishes and bread and butter. You can even make olive bread.

Fish is another healthy fat that you should eat three to four times a week. You can have canned tuna or you can steam fish whole. I love all kinds of fish. Salmon is great with eggs in the morning. Eggs is another healthy fat that you should have once in a while.

So don’t be scared of eating the good fats. Its the bad fats that we should be scared of such as trans fats. If you are out in the supermarket make sure that you choose the correct brand- we love Moro and Cobram Estate olive oil as they taste great and are good for the heart.

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