National Autism month with the Coronavirus in mind

April was National Autism month. Autism is a disability but not many people know that someone is autistic because it is a invisible disability (just based on looks). But how to recognise that person is another matter. They may be a bit slow and very repetitive. Some people are antisocial.

Some people like the same old same old foods and drink.

They often don’t like to break away from routine. They love to keep to same routine. They love the same games. So with the Coronavirus in mind I thought that it was a perfect chance to talk about how the Coronavirus affects them. According to Autistica they often avoid social outings and things because they feel very anxious about things that they can’t change.

We often go into a meltdown when we are being picked on. Or when we are being asked to do something that we don’t want to do.

I also played Mahjong a lot as a coping mechanism during the virus. Here I was able to escape from uncertainty. But I wasted my time on that game and it becomes obsessive compulsive. I was constantly thinking about the game and always wanting to play. We can’t go out and do all the fun stuff due to the virus and the lockdowns. The autistic people would love to have a hot chocolate maybe even a cake or explore their city.

We wanted the Chocolate cookie from a cafe that does credit only and had cash. Most people would be like fine but the people with autism would get upset. These people often go into a meltdown. I think that people should help out the vulnerable such as those with autism. Like offer to pay for them. Its only going to be a matter of time before we all go broke.

Sometimes I would have a fight with my housemate over silly stuff. They forget that I’m autistic and they would forget that I might need help.

Normal people that don’t have the disability should accept us and try to help us out, especially in the workforce. Also others should be gracious at this time and try and check on those that are disabled and can’t get to the supermarket to get the things that they need.


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