Our 100 days of less sugar part 6

During these times at home I was watching the Food revolution Summit where they said that eating a lot of sugar is very addictive. Hence this is why I hate watching the cake shows. Food addiction is harder to get rid of. People are feeling stressed at home so they use food as a stress buster. And some people have a huge food craving.

Day 50

Today I indulged in a couple of chocolates and some shortbread. Was feeling a little bit down due to the Covid19. But I did have a turkey terrine sandwich with cucumber and tomato. Working at home is different and its nothing like I’ve ever done.

Day 51

I indulged again. Yes. In one chocolate egg. But I have been running and have been eating good. Have been eating homemade chicken schnitzel for dinner and a cheese sandwich with eggplant and tomatoes for lunch.

Day 52

Today had a salad for lunch and three shortbread cookies. But am still under my target

Day 53

I tried this interesting aloe vera drink on my run and it was a bit on the sweetish side. Other than that I had no sugar

Day 54

Today instead of the sugary sweets I had a falafel wrap in the cafe. It was takeaway of course.

Day 55

Today I had a key lime pie that was sugarless and I enjoyed a sugarless cookie. I find that when I go sugarless I have a bit more energy to do the things that I love.

Day 56

Today I had a sugarless protein bar which is shaped like chocolate. Oh and I had some scones without the jam or cream which is homemade

Day 57

Today I saw one of my flatmates buy ice cream. This flatmate also buys raisin toast. For that I never wanted the ice cream. It is too cold for it (mind you we are one month away from Winter). Tried the scones with Dragonfruit jam

Day 58

Got into an argument with a flatmate and wanted sugar, but didn’t have. My flatmate keeps on eating all the ice cream which would see him fat. In the house we don’t keep a lot of snacky food and even if we did I’d have the healthy things.

Day 59

Today went for a small jog and enjoyed that without food at the end. Somehow I have always wanted food at the end, but today I had no cravings for food. Had a homemade minestrone soup for lunch and that was nice.

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