It’s everywhere. Its in Australia. Many internationals feel discriminated against. It is wrong to be discriminated against and you should speak up about this racist behavior. Many International students are beaten, attacked, called names.

Now during the Coronavirus this is more of a problem. Asian students are scared to go out due to the name calling. A few Wednesdays ago it was reported that two International students in Melbourne Central were beaten up and told to go home.

What is racism?

Racism is defined as acts of abuse and harassment. It can take many forms including name calling, jokes, exclusion from activities etc. It is usually experienced by migrants who have just arrived into a new country. People can be racist towards migrants due to their skin colour and cultures.

So what is the Government doing about it?

Last year they released a video targeting racism as an anti social behaviour. Still people don’t take much notice.

What is our stance?

Racism is not tolerated in Melbourne and people should be open and friendly towards each other no matter where they come from. People who are racist shoudl face tough penalties.


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