What to give to your mum for Mother’s day that is about health

Many of the things you can buy online and then they can go to it later in the year when it reopens. It’s a small win for the business and one for you. Buying that thing will mean that the business may be able to keep its doors open during or after the current crisis

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A yoga studio pass

A yoga studio pass would mean that she would be able to attend a yoga class at a retreat or a place later on in the year when studios reopen

A cycle studio class pass

Does your mum enjoy cycling? If so a pass to her favourite studio and instructor is a great idea. It keeps them going and motivated to put that class on later in the year

A ticket to her favourite event happening later in the year

Does your mum like going to certain events? Does your mum like fun runs? If so a ticket might just be the thing that keeps her event going or they might put it on next year (depending on restrictions).

Fun runs are a great way to bond together. After you finish your run you can go have brunch in a nearby cafe. Another win for you and another for them.

A gym membership pass so that she can train with you and you can support your favourite gym

That is awesome as that would keep your favourite gym in business after the virus is over. Getting fit is essential for older people

A spa pass

Does your mum need relaxation? Does she work in a stressful job? If so a spa pass is a great idea and if they are reopened before Christmas then she can use it and get a day out of it

A wellness retreat pass

They might not be opened until next year but who knows.

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