Sleep troubles hit health care workers

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During the Covid19 it was reported that healthcare workers in the US and around the world have had some sleep troubles. They would wake at night or find it hard to fall asleep. During the pandemic they would be really stressed as they try to keep people alive and well. This is not unusual for people working in the hospital ward.

The stress is what keeps them up all night as well as the night shifts that they have worked. Some of the hospitals have cut back on staff.

In Melbourne there were about over 100 community transmissions, most of them are from hospitals where staff would treat infected patients. That and no sleep would cause the staff to be at risk for infection. Without a good night’s sleep for a long period of time the rate of depression would go up.

This is why we should all stay at home for them and not be the idiots that some people are with all of that going out. We should all buy a coffee or a meal for the healthcare workers that keeps our system going.

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