The Sweet Swap

The Sweet Swap is a health campaign started in London which asks people to give up sweets for the month of May. Eating sugar has been a problem in the past.

But we would like to do our own sweet swap for the month of May since we are all in lockdown. Eating too much sugar has led to a tonne of problems such as tooth decay, weight gain, sleep problems etc.

For the month of May we encourage everyone to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and post a picture of their sweet swap ideas and tag us. Do use #sweetswapmay as a tag. You should give up anything with added sugars in them. Anything with natural sugars is ok as your body needs them to function properly.

What would you swap your sweets with? For me that would be with fruit. Or you can try a homemade cake with stevia. Or you could do a chocolate milkshake with cacao and no sugar instead of the sickly sweet chocolate powder.

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