Lifestyle changes and why it can be so difficult to maintain

Many people find that adapting to new changes in their lifestyle is hard. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is hard for some people.

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During the times of the Covid19 people have found it hard to exercise and now that the restrictions are eased in some countries people will be hesitant to enter the gym or exercise

What has kept you from making that change that you wanted (procrastination)? Is it too difficult to make? Is there not enough time to make that change in a day? Some people would feel uneasy about making that change. Hence they procrastinate (ie. I will start doing it tomorrow). The Wanderlust worker talks about that smoker and them finding that it is hard to quit smoking. We are creatures of habit who are scared of change.

There are four stages to change as outlined in Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness (it is also in Psychology Today):

  1. precontemplation- “I was only made to do it, I never wanted to do this!”
  2. Contemplation- “I know that eating out is bad everyday, but I will do it anyway!” This is my friend who does this everyday.
  3. Preparation- ” I will prepare tomorrow’s lunch”
  4. Action- “just do it” and “I did it”- this one is me who knows that they just have to do it and get on with it.

If we just did it we would feel happier and more motivated for it. So when the gym reopens, I will be going back. But what about you? Are you scared that you will make mistakes at the gym? Don’t worry it happens to all of us. But if you kept up your habits at home, you can go one step further at the gym.

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