Our 100 days of less sugar part 5

So far am doing well. But I still have a bit of a long way to go. Staying home has made quitting the sugar a little bit easier.

Day 40

Shows about chocolate cooking and sugar don’t really interest me. Usually these shows encourage people to eat waaay too much sugar and be really obsessed with it. I lost all taste in very sugary items and too much sugary items is no good for us.

Today I had a YOMG burger and it was awesome.

Day 41

Watched a little bit of the cake show and it was enough for me. Too much cake decorating puts me off. And people in Britain eat the cake at the end- partly why the huge obesity rate

Day 42

Today I enjoyed a homemade apple cake which did not have a lot of sugar in there. That and a sugarless mango lassi from the Happy Apple.

Day 43

Today I enjoyed some raisin toast and homemade duck curry for lunch. After that I went for a run and I enjoyed a juice and a yoghurt afterwards.

Day 44

Just got a Keri juice after a run and packed my own snacks

Day 45

Spent the day at home and we didn’t have any dessert or hot cross buns over Easter. Am enjoying Easter and lockdown this way

Day 46

Went for my usual long run and consumed a really sweet Easter egg. But I didn’t feel guilty afterwards. I just enjoyed it as a treat. Also enjoyed a pork belly dinner as well as a simple lunch and a good kefir yoghurt.

Day 47

Today had a homemade soup for lunch and I did not have any sweets.

Day 48

Got my period today and it was really heavy. Normally when I eat too many sweets I tend to throw up. I didn’t throw up and this is a good sign that the program is working

Day 49

Today I enjoyed a yoghurt and a salad plate at lunch. After dinner I enjoyed a bounce ball. Today I had a homemade shepherd’s pie.

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