BSC’s Green tea TX100

I got this Green tea from Chemist Warehouse for $39.99. And yes they will be open for the Coronavirus period. But it doesn’t mean that you can loiter and buy beauty products such as makeup. The Government would class makeup and some hair products as a non essential item.

But BSC’s greentea and other health products would be classed as essential. BSC’s Greentea is an exercise and for some people it would be a weight loss tea. But for me it would be for used for exercise after a workout and for rehydration needs.

I really liked the taste of the tea. It was clean and hydrating. I got the berry flavour which was awesome.

This is a great idea for those that don’t like water much as you can just add this to water. You can buy a 1L bottle of water and add it in there. The Reject shop is another essential store that is staying open and I enjoy buying their $1 1L bottles.

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