100 Gallon challenge

This challenge is about saving water. I found it on the University of Nebraska site. We need to start saving water now for the future. If we keep on using water the way that we do, then our dams will dry out and we will be in a drought.

Photo by Herman. io on Pexels.com

We use more water than we actually need. Some of us flush sanitary products and other waste other than the toilet paper in the toilet. Some of us take more than four minute showers particularly if we have really long hair. And the some of us rinse our dishes before it goes in the dishwasher. There are some of us that brush our teeth with the water running.

Here are some ways to save water:

Rinsing your dishes before it goes in the dishwasher uses up 5 gallons per load. Not rinsing them saves water. So next time you have a meal, finish your plate and scrape all the leftovers off it and then put it in the dishwasher

When you brush your teeth don’t let the water run. Just use it to rinse your mouth and wash your toothbrush

Don’t flush anything else other than toilet paper into the toilet. You block the toilet and you waste water that way. Instead put a bin in your bathroom for anything other than toilet paper

Use a timer for the shower if you take really long ones

If you are watering outside, use a hose and not the automatic sprinkler. The automatic sprinkler wastes a lot of water

On washing day, wash a full load of clothes and not half a load. Doing that will save water.

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