Our 100 days of less sugar part 4

We made the most of that time in confinement as the Coronavirus hits us closer to home. Having a lot less sugar means lesser PMS symptoms such as bloating and moodiness. The anxiety is much better too

Day 30-27/3/2020

Today I had no sugary snacks and managed to keep clear of the cookies that my housemate bought. I managed to refuse the ice cream that they had bought.

Day 31-28/3/2020

Today I had a small snickers and a ribena drink after my run as I needed that small sugar hit.

Day 32-29/3/2020

Had little sugar and am seeming to cope just fine with the natural sugars. I did have one small (mini sized) cookie and was just fine.

Day 33-30/3/2020

No more sugar. Instead I had a vegan sausage roll from Mr Nice Guy’s bakeshop which was yum

Day 34-31/3/2020

Today I had no sweets but fruit as I was home all day.

Day 35-1/4/2020

Today I learnt that all of Britain and the British diet has a lot of fatty and very sweet foods in there. Today I had a juice but I didn’t finish all of it. I only had 3/4 and decided it was too sweet for me. Also I weigh about 50.9kgs which is about 3kg off my weight.

Day 36-2/4/2020

Today I had a cookie for National Autism month. Many people in the autism community love sweet foods and they don’t want to change their tastebuds

Day 37-3/4/2020

Today I supported a local gelato shop and got a vanilla ice cream. It was really nice for such a warm day

Day 38- 4/4/2020

Was at home again so no sweets for me. Yay! I think being at home means that I don’t eat as much sweets and sugary things as my housemates aren’t into this sort of stuff

Day 39- 5/4/2020

Today I went on my run and no sweets as per usual. But, I did have an orange juice at the end which was sweet as well as Liddell’s dairy free yoghurt.

I also had a yummy Cheese jaffle today.


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