Easter with the Coronavirus

Easter this year is very different and we explain why

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Now that the Coronavirus is here, people would have to spend Easter at home and not go to the shops to buy stuff. In Australia supermarkets and bakeries are open so you can get your Easter goodies just in time for Easter. A lot of restaurants here in Melbourne have a special Easter banquet but you have to order ahead.

People are also not allowed to spend time with their family ( unless they live with them) and friends. In Australia you can be fined for this. But you can face time, Zoom or Skype or Whats app people. Or chat on Facebook. This is different as in previous years you can spend time with family and everyone gets together over Easter.

But if you’re diabetic you could do easter with flowers or sugarless easter eggs. It doesn’t have to be chocolate eggs. It can be the hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

Hopefully with time this will all pass and you can see the people that you like.


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