Does consuming dairy cause us to be fat?

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A lot of people ask this question at my gym: does consuming dairy cause me to be fat? And the answer is no. Dairy is an essential vitamin that we must have to keep our bones strong. If we don’t have strong bones we cannot do those workouts and essentially we will lose those gains.

In many Asian societies where the Asian people want to lose weight, they think that dairy causes them to be fat. It does not. Dairy does the opposite and its keep our bones from being unhealthy and weak. The Heart Foundation emphasizes on the importance of dairy.

What is dairy?

Dairy is things like milk, yoghurt and cheeses. There is full cream or low fat dairy. Full fat dairy includes your gourmet cheeses that you buy at the markets and supermarket/deli and cows milk.

Are there low fat versions of this?

Yes- you can enjoy almond milk and low fat yoghurt and some low fat cheeses. But it won’t be the same as consuming full fat dairy. Women in particular need enough fat for their hormones.

Eat the wrong type of dairy according to T. H Chan of Harvard’s School of Public health and don’t do enough exercise, then it may cause you to have cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease happens when too much fat piles around your organs causing you to be obese and not breathe properly. The Arthritis foundation says that if you eat too much sugar sweetened dairy (e.g flavoured milks) and full fat dairy you can put on weight and can increase inflammation.

In short eating dairy is fine. But consuming the wrong types of dairy is bad for you. When most Asian are asked about dairy they think of the sugar sweetened beverages or the full fat ones.

If you want to a little bit of full fat dairy is fine.


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