Australia’s health and how we can deal with the Coronavirus

Right now in Australia there are nearly 6000 cases. Most of these cases are from NSW. But can we be healthy and learn from the Coronavirus outbreak. All over the world Spain, Italy, France and other countries have lost a lot of people due to this pandemic. People were not prepared. Also America has lost thousands of people.

The coronavirus cases mostly come from Sydney with nearly 3000 cases. Most of them were from the Ruby Cruise liner or overseas.

The Government has managed to curb the spread of the virus by putting in place many social distancing restrictions, so Australia is in a good place to fight the pandemic. But we must continue with the restrictions or otherwise we could be back at square one again,

Who is mostly at risk?

Everyone can get it but there are some people more vulnerable

  • The elderly
  • The obese
  • The people who are chronically ill.

We should:

  • Practice social distancing and not go to the shopping centre and gather. Most public places have now been closed.
  • Eat out less and enjoy home cooking
  • Exercise in the sun if you are bored rather than hanging out in the shopping centre and the city. Really we shouldn’t shop unless we have to. Keep your distance when outside.
  • When you cough, cough into your elbow. It’s the same for when you sneeze.

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