Can Science Take the Weight off

Can Science Take the weight off is a site designed by Novo Pharmaceuticals to get people to see their GP’s and make healthier lifestyle choices. This is a good website for persuading people to do just that. In this current Covid and obesity crisis this is important. Gyms are shut so some people may have lost their motivation that way.

You do all the right things such as diet and exercise, but its really your brain that makes you gain the weight. The brain can do this in a number of ways such as demotivate you to exercise. The advertisement was shown online at the right time.

Your GP can help, but prescription medicine should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. It should be your willpower and your motivation to lose the weight. And in these difficult times your GP can suggest some ways of losing the weight, but ultimately its up to you.

Losing the weight is a marathon. In a marathon you have to train and work really hard for it. The balloons represent the heavy weight that you are carrying. The doctor is your support. Also family can be a real downer or they can be incredibly supportive of you.

When you run and train for a marathon you’re teaching your brain to think positively and just stick with it no matter what. Losing weight is just like that. You can’t rely on medicines to help you lose the weight unless there is some underlying issue there that needs to be addressed such as a thyroid problem. Medicines can be very expensive and the average pensioner might not be able to afford them.

Long term changes are a must if you want to lose the weight and keep it off.


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