Playing Mahjong online and being compulsive with it

During times of the Covid I was bored at home so I played a lot of Mahjong. I found that it got a bit compulsive and very addictive quickly. The game was free but it ate up all of my time that I could spend on learning things.

Mahjong is on and there were a lot of players on there at times. You match the tiles accordingly and then you get points. You get bonus points if you match a group of four tiles in one go.

I was trying to win you see. But in the end though I did not. I suffered RSI among other things. When I heard that I beat 34 players on the leaderboard I thought wow.

It was very easy to become compulsive with it. I would play in every single moment that I got that I was free. The prospects of winning and finishing was in my mind. At times the game slowed my computer programs down a bit. And when I didn’t finish I was upset.

The Brits and the Australians and Americans lead a very sedentary lifestyle as they play lots of indoor video games and computer games and don’t go outside a lot. It’s very easy to get stuck into the game and very hard to get out of the game when you want to.

So here’s how your kids should deal with Covid 19 in other ways besides playing online Mahjong

  • They could help you do the chores
  • They could help with the gardening
  • You can all go for a walk together as a family or a bike ride (I’m pretty sure that the Government allows it)
  • You could all do a crafternoon and you can make Mother’s day gifts
  • They could help you cook dinner, lunch or bake something
  • The possibilities are endless. Just so long as they don’t spend time playing online games all the time

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