Our March stats

March was a very busy month with the Covid19 going on. The death rate was going up and up.

So this time I got about ten new followers on WordPress. People were in lockdown and they got really bored at home. They also wanted quick fixes to their problems. And we got about 351 views that month as people were interested in the Covid19 and how the bloggers are dealing with the pandemic

On Instagram we got about 7 new followers. People were into the Covid19. The video about the Richmond party got 56 views. The video about the clapping got 33 views. The video with the lunge band got 25 views. At that time the gyms in Australia had closed and people were left out of options for home exercise. At that time people are serious about Coronavirus. The Chinese meals got the most likes.

On Twitter there was heaps of activity going on during the pandemic and Daniel Andrews has a lot of tweets each day which I seem to follow. Got no new followers there.

Our hopes for next month:

  • We hope that the community has a better understanding of what social distancing is. There are videos and things about it but many people still don’t practice this in public places.
  • We predict that the pandemic will get worse, so we hope that people look after their mental health and practice self care
  • Also it is announced in the news that there will be a stage 4 and we hope that everyone will abide by it
  • We hope that the gyms will open early so that people can look after themselves through exercise

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