Now that Coronavirus is here: has the Internet usage gone up

The Coronavirus has kept many people indoors and people are bored. So we wanted to see if the Internet usage has gone up at home.

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According to the latest 2019 report about 9000000 people use Instagram and more use Facebook and We Chat. Now we want to see if people are using the Internet more for social media and other things now that the Coronavirus is here. According to CRN the data usage has surged and the most popular time is around 6pm-8pm. They say that the majority of people use it for online gaming and video streaming.

During the Coronavirus pandemic more and more people are being laid off or being asked to work from home. So people may have gotten a bit bored like myself at times and want to play MSN games. Now that social distancing is here are more and more people using We Chat and Facebook for chatting?

The Internet bills have gone up but people can’t afford them due to job losses and businesses closing doors. The speed of the Internet is down sometimes due to so many people logging on.

With the Internet usage on the rise it means that a number of hackers has also increased. So people need to be more vilgilant, especially children

So what are companies doing to make people’s lives a bit easier?

We really don’t know yet as it is early days. But hopefully the companies will make the Internet a bit cheaper and some might have deals on it.

It’s best not to spend all your time on the Internet. Just use it for your working, banking, shopping, Youtube and social needs. Don’t play too many games on it as its not healthy. You can however download some exercise videos if you want.

If children want to go online its a good idea for a parent to supervise them. Make sure that they don’t download anything without permission and that they don’t go onto any sites which you don’t trust.

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