Why are two minute noodles bad for you

Two minute noodles might be the quick and easy way to eat a meal. But did you know that without any extra things they can be bad for you. Eating it everyday is also bad for you.

They are precooked noodles and all you do is just cook them over a stove or pour boiling water into the bowl and enjoy

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They are relatively cheap and very easy to find in supermarkets and some convenience stores.

Where can I find them?
At the Asian grocery stores they are about $0.60-$2 each. At the supermarkets they are a lot more expensive. Larger packs are between $3-$5

RMIT Newintstudents did a blog a little while ago and found that they have some side effects for you such as dehydration. If you eat them everyday then you are likely to gain weight. Two minute noodles have 300 cals and 8 grams of protein. They are fried in oil and then dehydrated. The sauces that you add to them that are in the packet also have lots of oil.

The Women’s health wrote a similar article about this warning of the dangers of eating too much. Goodfood says that they have a lot of salt and sodium in their packets. Goodfood says that most people exceed the amount of salt they can have per day. Healthline says the same thing.

Our verdict: only eat them sometimes and not everyday. Always pair it with meat or vegetables and maybe tofu.

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